Solutions Smart Product Data Management

Attribute extraction from images, texts, smart scraping from PDFs & websites, product classification verification, language checking, contradictory data detection, likely data prediction, and outlier detection.

Suppliers use their own standards and formats to store their product information. This can cause a lot of troubles when third parties need to work with those formats. With the use of our artificial intelligence, the used structures can be matched with other standards and can be converted to useful information.

Based on manufacturer, product description and keywords, products are classified to a proposed product class, group, brick, or family. A risk level indication is provided to display how sure the algorithm is about each classified product.

Enriching your product data often involves countless hours of sifting through data to find useful, accurate, and concise product features. aims to become your one-stop solution for enriching your product data, covering every step along the way to make your life easier.

Enriching data by feature extraction from (ERP) texts and images, smart scraping from PDF’s & website, intelligent matching, deduplication and smart data cleansing.

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