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Setup including unlimited descriptions for 2000 products
+150 languages
Unlimited users
Monthly/yearly billing
Real-time overview

More products?

Check what can do for you based on the number of products/year
0 - 2.000 products
First year free, after that €1,00 per product
2.001 - 5.000 products
€0,75 per product
5.001 - 10.000 products
€0,50 per product
10.000 - 50.000 products
€0,20 per product
50.000 - 100.000 products
€0,10 per product
100.000 - 500.000 products
€0,03 per product
500.000 + products
€0,03 per product


Costs for manually translating 25.000 product texts (5 minutes/product text & €25 hourly cost price):
€ 52.000

Cost for automatically translating 10.000 product texts using

€4000 (start fee) + 2.000 x 0 + 3.000 x 0,75 + 5.000 x €0,50 = €8.750

All prices excl. VAT and the monthly hostingfee of €150.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Organizations can add an unlimited number of users to their account, so that everyone can get started from their own account at the same time!

Of course, we encourage creativity! In the past we have seen that customers have generated texts for category pages, SEA campaigns, receipts and much more.

Yes! We have an API link available, which means that we can establish a link between and your system. This ensures that product data is loaded directly into and that generated text ends up directly in the correct box in your system.

Yes! Because we have been participating for a while now, we can also help you formulate good product texts. Please contact us to see how we can do this.

In our software you indicate which characteristic makes a product unique. Whether you work with EAN numbers, GTIN codes or other numbering, that does not matter to us. When you add your products to the software for the first time, you indicate which column the unique identifier is.

In the cumulative scale, the number of products determines how much you pay per unique product. Suppose you have 3000 unique products for which you want to generate texts, then the cost is as follows. Since the set-up fee automatically includes 2000 large products, you do not pay anything extra for the first 2000 products. For product 2001 up to and including product 3000, you then pay 0.75 cents per product.

We charge per unique product, which means that you can generate as many product texts as you want.

Sure! We are open to partnerships with, for example, online marketing agencies or PIM suppliers. After all, together you are stronger. Please contact us for the details of a possible collaboration.

Yes, if you also want to generate your product texts directly in multiple languages, there is an additional cost on top. A cumulative scale applies here too.

In more than 150 languages, enough to choose!

Practice shows that users still have to get to know the software at the outset and start experimenting. This often results in the first few texts not quite having the desired end result. That is why we have decided to pay per unique product, which means that you can generate as many texts as you want per unique product and do not have to pay for your first experimental texts!

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